"We Need Early Intervention Services..."


You've received a diagnosis, and you have been referred to Early Intervention Services. What does this mean? 

The First Step

First, make sure you understand the diagnosis and treatment options - research them carefully. Ask questions. Do your best to get the facts.  See Understanding Your Child's Diagnosis

The Second Step

Early Intervention Services

Learning about Early Intervention Services is important, and fortunately, there are great resources to help you!  You will most likely be put in contact with a local or regional office for Child Development Services (or some equivalent name), and be assigned to an initial case manager/service coordinator for your child.  Early Intervention Services are for children 0-3 years old.  (Is your child older?  Check the link below for information on IDEA and ask your child's doctor, or call your local social services for information on obtaining case management for your child's developmental disability diagnosis.)

Here are the facts on Early Intervention - link here to find everything you need to know!

In addition, will your child be on medication(s) at home? Will your child be going for a lot of appointments or therapies? Once you know your child's treatment plan, our free download "24 Hour Care Schedule and Medicine Chart" can be extremely helpful to post where you can see it in your home.  Also, keep organized by writing all appointments (and where they will be held) on your Family Calendar.

The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook is very portable and has everything you need to keep track of your child's care.




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