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The following resources are ones that we strongly recommend - more will be continually added as time goes on.  Disclaimer: We are not in any way affiliated with these resources, and these are not advertisements, but places you can go for further information.  We are only recommending the site itself and not any advertisers at that site, so please use these links at your discretion.

MedlinePlus - to research  your child's diagnosis, medication and other medical and health topics, this comprehensive site by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health is highly recommended.


Nutrition Information - interactive tools and science based nutritional information for your family.  This does NOT include special dietary information for special needs or medically fragile kids and does not trump your doctor's recommendations for your child.  For the rest of the family, however, this is an excellent resource and has interactive features like menu planning to help organize your shopping.  Also has vegetarian resources.

The National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center (NCCIC) - NCCIC's extensive Web site answers your questions about child care and links you to thousands of organizations and resources. With the NCCIC Library, the largest collection of summaries and links to full-text publications about child care and early childhood education, NCCIC's Web site is a great place to start your search!

Website Home:

NCCIC State by State Search

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center - 
Their Mission: To strengthen service systems to ensure that children with disabilities (birth through 5 years) and their families receive and benefit from high quality, culturally appropriate and family-centered supports and services.

Search here for your State's early intervention and support services!

CDC - Childhood Development Milestones - Act Early
Learn the basic stages of development on this site, and what to do if you are concerned, need evaluations, etc. Information on Developmental Delay's and diagnoses. Links to other sites.

National Dissemination Center for Children With Disabilities
NICHCY is the center that provides information to the nation on:
  • disabilities in children and youth;
  • programs and services for infants, children, and youth with disabilities;
  • IDEA, the nation's special education law;
  • No Child Left Behind, the nation's general education law; and
  • research-based information on effective practices for children with disabilities. 

Kid'sHealth is a resource for health topics through the non-profit organization Nemours. From their website:
"KidsHealth is more than just the facts about health. As part of The Nemours Foundation's Center for Children's Health Media, KidsHealth also provides families with perspective, advice, and comfort about a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that affect children and teens."

Center for Disease Control - CDC
This link is for the CDC's advice for caregivers - we implement this advice in practical ways throughout 
The Complete Caregiver site, with articles, step-by-step guides, links, and other free resources.  There are also topics for many different kinds of special needs/ developmental disability discussed.  
PLEASE CHECK THIS ONE OUT!  It really explains why we do what we do at The Complete Caregiver!

 CDC Special Needs Caregiver Tips/Information
Financial Resource for single parent families of pediatric cancer patients and other catastrophically ill children. This is through 12 Pediatric Hospitals, but there are other possibilities for assistance as well.  ONLY for last resort/dire need help - please see the site for full information.


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