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Being organized is a form of self-care for parent-caregivers.  You have a huge amount of information to keep track of - forms to fill out, evaluations, medical bills, behavior plans, IEP (Individual Education Plan) documents, etc.  In addition, you may have to provide medicines, a special diet and/or feeding schedule, communication assistance, learn therapies for your child, learn medical procedures, etc.  Oh - and then there's school, social services and assistance programs to jump through hoops for, yet more evaluations and... whew! Just getting organized can seem overwhelming in and of itself!  Who has time???  

Then again, who can afford to be disorganized with so much riding on the care we give?  Who has time to waste looking for that prescription you needed to fill, or the evaluation results the school needs that you can't find?  Then there's the doctor's appointment you missed and can't get rescheduled for several weeks, the medicine that you ran out of and had to make an emergency run to the pharmacy only to find that there wasn't a refill and you had to get the doctor's approval, the paperwork the social worker needed yesterday to help your child get additional respite care, etc. etc.  

So how do you maintain your 24/7 schedule and take on getting organized at the same time?  Step-by step, day by day, week by week, you CAN get it done!  And you can ask for help, as well!!  Take advantage of the step-by-step guides, the personalized links, free downloads, self-care information and inspiration, and soon you will feel more in control of your life, your child's care, your home and family life. Feeling in control of something, in the midst of the challenges you face as a caregiver, is worth every moment you take to get organized and take care of yourself.

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