"We Just Got A Diagnosis..."

Your family has just received a diagnosis for your child.  What do you do?

The First Step

 It is very important that you understand your child's diagnosis.  In addition to the explanation from your child's doctor,  research the diagnosis on your own.  
Step-by-Step Guide: Understanding Your Child's Diagnosis

An excellent, highly recommended and comprehensive resource is Medlineplus.gov which is provided by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.  This site gives information on diagnoses, and refers to other sites/organizations for your child's diagnosis (if available), as well as providing alternative treatments, links to studies and more.  There are also many other features to this site. Simply type your child's diagnosis in the "Search" box and click on the primary article that comes up.  That will lead you to the main page for your child's diagnosis.


The Second Step

Get support.  Family, friends and community may be available to help you emotionally or materially.  Ask your child's doctor if they know of any support groups for your child's diagnosis, or for special needs/medically fragile children that you could connect with.  You may also want to search online for a specific community to join.  See our step-by-step guide to creating your family's "Exceptional Circle" - a circle of support to get you through.  

The Third Step

Look into what comes next - do you need to connect with social services to get therapies for your child?  Do you need to choose a hospital or surgeon?   

Make a list of your next steps.  If you need to keep track of contacts while you are working on your next steps, use our free pdf  download "TCC Contact Record" to help you keep track of who you connect with to get your answers.

 Also, if you don't know what to do next, you can email Lynn with a question at lynn@thecompletecaregiver.com, or post it on the Ask Lynn section of our TCC Forums.  Lynn can't guarantee she'll have the answer, but you can rely on her getting back to you with her best effort based on her experience and research.
(She will not give medical advice!)

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  (These statements and suggestions are in no way intended to be construed as medical advice or as advice from a medical professional.)


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