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New Beyond & In the Womb of the World
Poems from the Heart of Special-Needs Parenting
Softcover, 8.5" x 5.5", 118 pgs

Lynn Morgan Rosser has told her family's story through poems and prose. She has over a decade of experience as the mother of two sons, both with complex and extraordinarily different issues. Her eldest son has severe autism. Her youngest son has a major congenital heart defect that required three open-heart surgeries for survival, plus many other procedures. "In the Womb of the World" was her first collection of poems, and is also included in this volume with "New Beyond" to give voice to the journey from the beginning. There are also photographs taken by both herself and her son with autism.  
Rosser's poems bring up the emotional core of special-needs parenting, revealing the light and shadow of walking that path.

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The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook
Softcover, 8.5" x 5.5", 250 pgs

This Book Contains:
* Planning, Organizing & Problem Solving Pages
  * Creating a Circle of Support
* Guided Journaling & Journal Pages 
* “Nurture Your Life”– 7 Steps to Put Yourself Back Into Your Life * Extensive Medical Information worksheets for you and your child  *
*Nutrition and Exercise (or Movement/PT) planning for you and your child*
* Doctor Visit Logs *
* Symptom Tracker*
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"Lynn Morgan Rosser offers an inspiring and insightful resource in The Complete CaregiverJournal Workbook.  Parents of children who are medically fragile or have special needs can use this as a tool to process thoughts and feelings, problem-solve, and manage resources to maximize their child’s care as well as their self-care.  The Complete Caregiver Website offers the opportunity for networking and resource utilization beyond the workbook.  This is a wonderful pairing and an exciting opportunity for caregivers."

 - Regina Edwards, MA, CCC-SLP


"I work with children with special needs. I was very impressed with this workbook/ journal. After being around families with children with special needs I am convinced that this is a must have. It is practical and you can have all your families important medical and health information in one place, this saves you stress when going to doctors visits. Also, Rosser has included helpful tips on maintaining a positive attitude in trying times. She encourages the reader to make the best of every moment. This is a positive book that will keep any family with special needs/medically fragile children on track and in a positive frame of mind."

- Jessica - review







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