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We believe we can be better parents and caregivers if we take time for self-care and organization.   Our hope is for all parent-caregivers of special needs and medically fragile children to have truly rewarding, satisfying and ‘complete’ lives for themselves and their families.
My name is Lynn Morgan Rosser.
I’m the founder of The Complete Caregiver, and I’m also the mom of two special needs children.  I have an amazing nine-year old with moderate-to-severe autism, and a miraculous six-year-old with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), a major congenital heart defect that required three open-heart surgeries and will need life-time follow-up care.  
I began The Complete Caregiver as a way to be of service to other parent-caregivers, and to help myself organize and de-stress my own life. Creating The Complete Caregiver is a continual source of joy and fulfillment, and an ongoing journey for me.  I’m always researching, looking into what's out there, and bringing back the best of what I find; more like beach-combing the internet than surfing!  I had to start somewhere, however, and these three categories (The Caregiver's Footsteps: organization of care and life, The Caregiver's Well: self-care for caregivers, and Caregiver Resources), made the most sense to me in accomplishing the mission of The Complete Caregiver.  

This site is being updated and expanded regularly.  
There is almost always something new to see!
Lynn Morgan Rosser with Jaron before his first surgery for HLHS.
Let us know what you think, and how we can serve you and your needs better.   
Join our TCC Forums and ask questions and contribute your thoughts.  There are comment sections throughout our site for your input, like the  Poetry as Self-Care page in the Caregiver's Well menu - we'd love for you to share your own caregiver poems!  TCC Music for the Heart is new - it has music donated from amazing artists who support our site; come listen and give your feedback!  
The TCC Online Store, with my brand new"The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook" and poetry book "New Beyond" is now open, so please check out this new resource I've been writing the past 18 months to make my own life easier - I hope it will make your's a little less stressful as well.
Thank you,
Lynn Morgan Rosser
Founder of The Complete Caregiver, Inc.


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