Autism Resources

Autism Resources

 If you are looking for resources for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), then the following sites are highly recommended and have great databases/links for further information in your search.


Autism Society of America

Autism Source

Information for families, individuals on the spectrum, professionals and advocates.  Find the Autism Society in your state through this site.  

The Autism Society's "Autism Source":
(Resource "search" function through Autism Society by state/city.)


Autism Speaks

Advocates of bio-medical research and search for a cure, autism awareness, and advocates for the needs of individuals on the spectrum and their families.  
State-by-state resource section!


Article: Autism / DD Home Organization Strategies This article on our TCC site is by Sylvia van Meerten and
Samantha Erway of Empower Autism. This article contains exciting resources and more resource links to help you with your child at home.
Article: 101 Noteworthy Sites for Autism and Aspergers  This is a good general synopsis of 101 current resources for Aspergers and Autsim.  

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