TCC In The Country of Bhutan!!!

The Complete Caregiver goes to Bhutan!!!  I am very excited to announce that The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook is being included in the First Annual Counseling Conference in the country of Bhutan, which is being presented by NBCC International (National Board for Certified Counselors - International).  NBCC-International is responsible for assisting countries in the development of their mental health systems and, as a Non-Governmental Organization, works with UNESCO and the World Health Organization to bring culturally appropriate, professional quality counseling services to countries around the globe.   Bhutan, "The Land of the Thunder Dragon,"  is a beautiful and pristine country located in the Himalayas between India, to the south, and China, to the north.  

I am very honored that my work with The Complete Caregiver will be presented at this national mental health conference attended by 150 of Bhutan's top dignitaries and people of influence, including the fourth Queen of Bhutan, who is the driving force behind developing a mental health system in her country. Bhutan is focusing on many aspects of mental health, including Special Needs children. 

I was video-taped today giving a short, 6 1/2 minute talk that will introduce me to the atendees of the workshop in Bhutan. (I will not be personally attending the conference.) It  will be shown during the portion of the presentation that will include excerpts of my book, The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook, the focus of which is supporting parents in organizing their child's care and in taking care of themselves so they can meet the challenges of being both parent and caregiver to their special needs child.

Parents of special needs children have a connection and an understanding that can overcome cultural and language differences, cross oceans and scale the highest mountains. I am so grateful and happy to be able to serve my fellow parent-caregivers in the beautiful country of Bhutan.



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