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Lynn Morgan Rosser Featured in "Sheville" Online Magazine!


"New Beyond" Interview in The Laurel of Asheville Magazine


The Laurel of Asheville has a new article in their January 2014 on my new book, "New Beyond."  Please check it out! 

Beyond Happiness: Creating A Meaningful Life

In all honesty, there have been many times I've been stressed out of my mind in the process of handling my children's needs.

TCC Forums

Just a quick note about the Fourms. We decided recently to take this feature down, as it seemed to draw in the robo-posting crowd, which is the antithesis of what I hope to have on my discussion board!

Self-Care Challenge #3 - Dog-tag Necklace Giveaway!

Self-Care Challenge #3

FEEL FREE TO JUMP IN if you are new to the challenge!!

Self-Care Challenge #2 & Dog-tag Necklace Giveaway!

 Self-Care is all about filling up your own well so you have plenty of energy to draw from when your loved ones need your care and attention.  Post your experience with Challenge #2 here and we'll choose one participant this

Self-Care Challenge #1 & Dog-Tag Necklace Give-away!

SELF CARE CHALLENGE REWARDS: Participate in our Self-Care Challenge and Reap the Rewards! Not only will you make your life better, one week at a time, post your experience on each Challenge entry and you can receive a TCC dog-tag necklace!

CHD Awareness Week - February 7 - 14 (Congenital Heart Defects)


Homewatch Caregiver's WNC Family Caregiver Award

I'm very honored to be the recipient of Homewatch Caregivers "Family Caregiver of the Year Award," which was given to the top three family caregivers in Western North Carolina by an independent revi

The Autism Society - new article on this great organization!

The Laurel of Asheville has a great article in their August 2011 issue on the Autism Society of North Carolina.  The article features a quote from me about our experience with this wonderful organization.

"Calm In The Storm" Relaxation & Meditation for Caregivers at Your Healing Retreat

I'm excited to be presenting "Calm In The Storm: Relaxation & Meditation for Caregivers" at Your Healing Retreat!

New! Autism Home Organization Strategies


A Meaningful Life

Recently, I added a page on Emotional Health Resources, which, according to the research I've seen, is an extremely important topic for caregivers, who face higher percentag

Emotional Health Resources - NEW!

We've added a new Resource page: Emotional Health Resources.  

New - Autism Resources Page

I just put up a new "Autism Resources" page.  It is just a beginning, but the sites listed have resource databases that are extremely helpful.

Book Donation: Final Results

We are happy to be giving 40 copies of The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook to local organizations!

TCC In The Country of Bhutan!!!

The Complete Caregiver goes to Bhutan!!!

Initial Results of Our Book Donation Campaign!

A huge thank-you for the support we received during the Buy-A-Book Give-A-Book donation campaign!  We are proud to donate 40 books to local non-profits (I'll list them when the books have all been given out)!

Light A Candle

  We've added a new feature to our website.  From here, you can go to a special alcove of virtual candles for The Complete Caregiver.  The candles will stay "lit" for 48 hours.

New! 24-Hour "Today" Planner Page with Log for Care Notes, Self-Care, Vitals, Menu and more!!!

 I'm excited to add a new 24-Hour planner page to The Complete Caregiver free downloads!  

Lynn will be on People & Their Playlists Tusday (11/16/10), 8PM

This Tuesday night at 8PM, I'll be going on the local & web radio show "People & Their Playlists."  I'll get to share some songs and personal stories on this fun venue with host Terry Dunn Maney.

"Buy A Book - Give A Book" Donation Campaign Begins Friday, October 1st!

For EVERY PURCHASE of "The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook" we will donate one to a non-profit organization that serves parent-caregivers of special needs kids and their families.

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