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The TCC "Buy A Book - Give A Book" Donation Campaign!!!

We are running a new donation campaign during the months of
October - December of 2010!

TV Interview WSPA "Your Carolina" show - video link

The drive to Greenville, SC to do this interview was beautiful, heading down the mountains in full summer green.  I arrived to the studio in plenty of time and tried to relax, while my brain went through every possible detail at high-speed.

TCC on "Your Carolina" - WSPA Channel 7 in Greenville, SC

I'm excited to be heading down to Greenville, SC this coming Monday for a 10:00 AM segment on the Your Carolina show!!  (Channel 7, WSPA)  How much fun is that?

Cherith Cottage in Monroe, NC

Cherith Cottage in Monroe, NC, just south of Charlotte, NC, is a beautiful place for family caregivers to go and find some peace and be cared for in return.  This is a free place to stay and food is provided.

Road Maps for Families of Children with Special Needs

MORE NEW CONTENT! The Road Maps are in the Caregiver Resources of our site.

Two More Poems Added to Lynn's Poems

 Two more poems from the collection "In The Womb of the World" have been added to Lynn's Poems.  "Hope" and "Prayer Flag" are now online for you.

New Free PDF Downloads!

A Breastfeeding Diary and a Breast Milk Pumping Diary have been added to the Resources/Free Downloads page!  These are very useful for moms of medically fragile newborns and infants.

Laurel of Asheville Article - June Issue

There are times when I look back at our story through someone else's eyes and I am stunned at how far we have come and at how people perceive our family.

TCC Journal Workbook In Real Life

Today I used my copy of the TCC Journal Workbook (which has a permanent place in my purse) to record something in the Symptom Tracker.  I will now have that, and the date/duration of the symptoms.  If they happen again, I won't have to try and remember what happened today, it's already recorded.

Part of our Mission... Donation Campaign for ASNC!

 I am working with the Autism Society of North Carolina this month (April - Autism Awareness Month) to do a donation campaign from the sales of my book (The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook) and our dog-tag necklaces.  So 50% of the Net from each sale goes to the Autism Society of North Carolina.  This is a new book, and a new site, so getting the word out about everything is an uphill battle!

Using The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook: What first?

As I sat down with my new book (and I must say it is a wonderful thing to hold something you’ve created from scratch in your hands!), I wondered which part I would be drawn to first. I flipped through the pages and went with my intuition – the Medical Information list was where I started. I wanted the most practical parts completed, as I wasn’t feeling particularly creative. 

TCC in Asheville Citizen Times, Front Page, Sunday March 28, 2010!

The Asheville Citizen Times ran a front page article on The Complete Caregiver's Founder and CEO, Lynn Morgan Rosser.  To read the full article, click here.  

TCC is Now on Facebook

Come and join our growing list of fans on Facebook!  Keep in touch with our site, events and information through our Facebook page, interact with other fans, see our links, etc.  We appreciate your support as we begin our official launch of this site.

The Complete Caregiver Online Store

We're Open! 
Our beautifully designed dog tags (Lael Alon) and
The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook are available in our store.

NEW - TCC Music of the Heart

TCC Welcomes Annie Lally and Joe Ebel (pictured), as well as Chris Rosser and Free Planet Radio to our new page "TCC Music of the Heart."  Please come take a listen.  Music is so much part of the journey, for me.

Healthy Living in the TCC Forum!

NEW - TCC Forums!

 I am really pleased to announce that our Message Board and initial Forum Topics are in place and ready for your comments and discussion.

Workbook Journal - Final Editing!

 The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook is in the final stages of editing!  

On Having A Child With Autism #2

 We do several interventions for our son.

On Having A Child With Autism #1

Getting the official diagnosis of Autism in 2004 for our son, Aram, was both an ending and a beginning.

TCC Welcome's You!

I'd like to welcome you to my blog at The Complete Caregiver - I hope you will make yourself at home here and help develop this community.  Our site is going to be continually updated and I'll use this blog to catch you up on our changes and additions.

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