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There are so many things to learn as a parent-caregiver that many of us have never encountered before. You may find yourself trying to multi-task a Medicaid application, therapy appointments, insurance forms, case management and social services, service providers, in-home workers, finances and funding issues, medications, medical procedures, multiple doctor and specialist appointments, equipment, monitoring your child’s health and/or behaviors, special diets and supplements, etc., and on top of it all you have to understand your child’s diagnosis and what it means for their life, your life and your whole family.  Whew!  It can be overwhelming!  
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We are dedicated to providing you with the best, most credible and up-to-date information possible.  The sources we choose to link to are the result of our research into the vast ocean of available websites and resources.  
Caregiver Advice from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) - The Complete Caregiver site provides direct, practical, step-by-step ways you can implement this advice:  CDC Caregiver Tips.  (This page also has a great list of links to help you as a special needs/medically fragile caregiver.)  
The Complete Caregiver is dedicated to providing you with some maps of the territory, helping you find your way so you can take care of your child, yourself, and your life as you go.  We will be updating The Caregiver’s Footsteps regularly with new information, articles and step-by-step guides to organizing your child’s care and your life.  Check out our growing list of topics, and Lynn’s blog!
Have a question about organizing your child’s care and your life, taking care of yourself as a parent-caregiver, or need a resource you didn’t find on our site?  We would love to hear from you about how we can better serve your needs.  Visit Lynn Rosser’s blog page for more topics and to send your questions!  
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