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Our mission is to assist parent-caregivers of special needs and medically fragile kids by providing information, activities, resources and support to help them take care of themselves while being great caregivers to their children.

 So, please, come on in, relax, and look around…
 - Lynn Morgan Rosser

"Your web site is beautiful!  Such a calm and nurturing atmosphere for parents who are often immersed in the harsher realities of the medical system.  A wonderful, supportive place to go when one tires of treatment rooms, medical bills, and endless therapy.  Your website provides a place that not only acknowledges the need but encourages us to care for ourselves, a place to heal.  

I have passed your site along to some other special needs families.  Thanks for sharing what you have learned the hard way - living it!."
- S. Zmick (mother of two special needs kids)

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