People Who Inspire - Amanda & Patty Levesque

This is Amanda Levesque.  

She is participating in a modern dance at a festival in Asheville, NC, that has her both in, and out of her wheel chair.  Amanda is an inspiration to so many people; she will dare you to live your dreams  

Her mother, Patty Levesque, is an incredible parent.  
Their family's story was recently published in "Western North Carolina Woman" magazine.
The article Patty wrote begins:  
"On the way to the hospital, my baby went into shock...Upon our arrival, Amanda was whisked away for a myriad of tests.  We were told that if we had arrived five minutes later it would have been too late to save her life."  Amanda had suffered a mysterious brain injury, leaving her and her family with a long, tough road ahead.  (Read their story below)  
Amanda's challenges were huge, and both she and her family rose to meet them head on.  

In her article, Patty chose Lynn Morgan Rosser's poem "After the FIrst Pain," which she stated "speaks to my story as well as hers."

 Amanda at 17 years old:

The Little Pearls web site has a page on Amanda - link here.

Amanda's message seems to be that if she, with all her physical and life limitations, can have the courage to follow her dreams, then so can we all. She is tough, determined and often fearless in her independence.  She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BA in Theatre.

Amanda lives in Asheville, NC now, in her own apartment, and continues to pursue her dreams and goals.  She is currently a member of the Jubilee! Singers in Asheville and is a model choir member, despite her vocal challenges.  Amanda sets an example for all the Singers by memorizing her music and showing great dedication to rehearsals and performances.  At last year's concert, Amanda gave a solo performance that received a standing ovation.

Amanda also loves horseback riding.  Here she is riding 'Justine.'  Again, Amanda proves you can rise to challenge and overcome obstacles (sometimes with a little help from those who care.)  




Amanda and Patty have given TCC permission to tell their story on our site.  We are so grateful for their contribution!


 To read the rest of the article, link here:


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