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If you are new to this - a new diagnosis - new at being a parent-caregiver - here is a place to begin:

We Are Here To Help!

I remember the feeling of receiving my son's diagnosis of autism.  
It was frightening and overwhelming, and my 
first thoughts were "What can we do?  What is autism?  
What does it mean for his life? Where do we figure this out?  
What are we supposed to do to help him?" 
And that began our journey through the great and mysterious 
maze of social services, autism, and
developmental disabilities.

Almost exactly one month later, we received the diagnosis 
for our unborn child - he had HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome), 
a congenital heart defect that would require three open-heart surgeries
and possibly other procedures in order to have any chance of survival; 
without surgery, he would die.  
We would now be parenting a medically fragile child,
in addition to a developmentally disabled one.

I know what it is to go numb on hearing a diagnosis, 
to be lost in it, to not know which way to turn.  
That is why I created this site.  
That is why I want to help you.

Lynn Morgan Rosser



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