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We've added a new Resource page: Emotional Health Resources.  The need to maintain our emotional and physical health as caregivers is extremely important - so much rides on our being fit to take care of our children, and ourselves!  A recent study shows that caregiver health is in a downward spiral, and that caregiver's own health and well-being is often sacrificed for the one(s) they are caring for.  The caregiver's poor health can even become so big of a problem that the caregiver is in danger of being unable to take care of their loved one.  That is another reason for our website: we want to play a part in reversing that trend!  A 2006 USA Today article on the above mentioned study and on caregivers' health, pinpoints this problem and discusses the research, and reality that we face.  I personally live caregiver stress and know the problems that 24/7/365 caregiving can present to my health and well-being.  As a cancer survivor, I keenly feel the need to be careful with my own health while I am caring for my children.  I know that I want something better for all family caregivers.  Emotional health is key to our motivations for physical health, and physical health contributes greatly to our emotional health.  One step at a time, we can move into a balanced, whole and healthy life.  


 - Lynn Morgan Rosser

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