New! Autism Home Organization Strategies


TCC has teamed up with  Sylvia van Meerten and Samantha Erway of Empower Autism to bring you a wonderful article on how to set up home communication programs and ideas for how to handle transitions for children with autism or developmental disabilities.  Link to article here.

These two women have a great deal of expertise in working with children and families managing autism, and have provided some more great links to add to our growing list of autsim-specific resources.  In the article, I also shared a couple of systems we have in place in my home for our son, Aram.  It is great to start adding more to the "home organization for special needs" section of our TCC site.  I am working hard to expand TCC's content on many different topics, and I'm confident that you will find Sylvia's and Samantha's article extremely informative, and a must-read for parents of kids with autism.

Please check out the Empower Autism blog, and the bios of Sylvia and Samantha.  I hope to bring some more of their wisdom to our site in another article soon.



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