Self-Care Challenge #1 & Dog-Tag Necklace Give-away!

SELF CARE CHALLENGE REWARDS: Participate in our Self-Care Challenge and Reap the Rewards! Not only will you make your life better, one week at a time, post your experience on each Challenge entry and you can receive a TCC dog-tag necklace! 5 individuals (one per week) will receive The Complete Caregiver’s dog-tag necklace for posting their positive experience using the Self-Care Challenge in their life! This reward is active from this September 17, 2012 challenge through the first five weeks of our Self-Care Challenge, ending October 28, 2012.

Self-Care Challenge #1 - 9/17/12

Self-Care in our dauntingly fast-paced world can be a challenge for people in general, and even more so for caregivers of special needs kids, and other ‘family caregivers.’ Those whose energy goes outwards to care so intensely for others, often have little energy left to turn towards themselves. These “Self-Care Challenges” are to help remedy that situation, one step at a time.


Our first Challenge has three parts:

1. The Challenge: Make One Small Daily Addition to Your Physical Self-Care

Small steps can lead to significant changes down the line! The first challenge will be to identify a small change you can make daily, such as drinking enough water - see guidelines - Mayo Clinic Hydration Guide, or flossing daily, etc. Pick something that has gone by the wayside, but would be relatively easy to add-in to your daily routine with a little focused effort.

2. The Challenge: 3 – 6 minutes of Stress Reducing Abdominal Breathing Each Day

Take a moment to close your eyes and literally BREATHE. Take several slow, abdominal breaths (expand your belly when you breathe, not lift your chest). Abdominal breathing is a natural way to relax! It is an excellent way to reduce stress, increase oxygen in your brain, and calm your heart rate, etc.! It only takes a few minutes. Learn how here with the Breathing Meditation on the TCC Website, by Martina Glasscock Barnes, author of the book “The Meditation Doctor."

3. The Challenge: Be Grateful for One Thing Each Day

Take a moment each day to write down one new thing you are grateful for. Being in gratitude can sometimes be very difficult when things are hard. Finding space in your heart for gratitude can be the gate through which you pass to a more uplifted perspective, even during your greatest challenges.


(Remember – post your experience with this Challenge by this Sunday and you can be chosen to receive a TCC dog-tag necklace! Post your experience here, on on our TCC Facebook post, or under the Challenge in the Facebook Notes section.)

For more ideas on Self-Care, go to our website page, Calm In The Storm.

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