Self-Care Challenge #2 & Dog-tag Necklace Giveaway!

 Self-Care is all about filling up your own well so you have plenty of energy to draw from when your loved ones need your care and attention.  Post your experience with Challenge #2 here and we'll choose one participant this week to recieve a TCC dog-tag necklace! 


The first week of our Self-Care Challenge was to take a few small, gentle steps forward into the realm of self-care.  We chose an easy-to-do physical task that had fallen by the wayside (i.e. flossing, drinking enough water, etc.), remembered to breathe deeply, and got our gratitude on.  (Note: If you are just starting this week – no worries! You can jump in any time.)

  1. We are going to develop our Week 1 Challenge activities into habits!  To do that, we will continue to focus on them this week as well. Continue the physical self-care task you chose last week , take time (3-6) minutes per day to breathe (breathing exercise to get your started:  ), and find one thing each day to be grateful for. 
    (Self-Care Challenge #1)
  2. Do One Fun/Rewarding Thing For Yourself This Week! Challenge yourself to do one fun thing this week, that you normally would not make time for. What is something reasonable you can do that would add a little spark to your week? It doesn’t have to cost much, or even anything! Ideas: Plan a break and to go to a coffee shop with a friend, go for a walk or have a quick picnic in a favorite local park.  If your caregiving schedule keeps you homebound (and I do understand that!), what would make your week feel a little lighter?  Do you have a fun art, craft or writing project “in the works” that could be pulled out a couple times and worked on?  Do you have a movie you’ve been dying to see that a friend could bring over, or even just drop-off to you (or you could stream it online)?  Are there small self-care grooming things, like doing your nails (ladies) that would make you smile?  Do you have a book you’ve only made it a couple of chapters into that is just laying there “until someday when I have time?”  Challenge yourself to make some time just for you – carve it out carefully, have it be something fun – a treat that provides a bit of respite, and might even inspire one of your “gratitudes” for the day.  Whether it’s a short 15 minute break or a couple of hours, the amount of time doesn’t matter as much as the intention to make time for yourself.  If you get inspired and can make it work, why not do more than one? 

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The Self-Care Challenge #1 Giveaway - we've chosen the recipient for our first dog-tag necklace giveaway!
We will reveal our recipients (after getting their permission) at the end of our 5 week challenge, so STAY TUNED and Keep Posting! We have 4 more weeks to go. This weekly challenge is open to everyone, but is especially appropriate for family caregivers. THANK YOU!! 

Participate in our Self-Care Challenge and Reap the Rewards! Not only will you make your life better, one week at a time, post your experience on each Challenge entry and you can receive a TCC dog-tag necklace! 5 individuals (one per week) will receive The Complete Caregiver’s dog-tag necklace for posting their positive experience using the Self-Care Challenge in their life! This reward is active from the first September 17, 2012 challenge through the first five weeks of our Self-Care Challenge, ending October 28, 2012. One dog-tag necklace will be given away per week, including shipping and handling.



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