Self-Care Challenge #3 - Dog-tag Necklace Giveaway!

Self-Care Challenge #3

FEEL FREE TO JUMP IN if you are new to the challenge!!

Big changes can take place in small steps. If you’ve been following along so far, you’ve been focusing on doing things for yourself – breathing, being grateful, taking care of yourself more, adding fun activities back into your life, etc. You are creating the awareness of daily self-care. You’ll also know what I mean when I say to continue the Week 1 small physical self-care activity, breathing and gratitude work. If you can add something fun into your day or week, go for it as well! Hopefully the initial three elements from Challenge #1 will start to feel like part of your daily life by the end of this week’s challenge. I'll be posting more information and ideas this week to keep things rolling.

So, onto this weeks challenge:

1. Continue Self-Care Challenge #1 through this week. (see Note for week 1)

Link: Breathing Exercise

2. Nutrition – this is one of the “big three” self-care topics (Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep). What small change can you make in your diet that would add up over time? I’m not talking about “going on a diet” or suddenly re-orienting your pantry to a whole new way of eating, I’m looking at something small – such as trading out one less healthy snack or lunch item for a better choice (i.e. an apple instead of chips) on a daily basis: Other ideas might be reducing your intake of sugary drinks/sodas, or adding an another serving of veggies, choosing healthier non-hydrogenated oils in products you consume, replacing a rich dessert with a light fruit sorbet or just fruit, reducing corn syrup, etc. If you are already a nutrition super-star, you can still share what you do to support yourself with good nutrition!

Link: TCC Nutrition Page

3. Exercise – are you getting enough exercise? I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly fond of that question! Here it is – pick one small change that will add in more physical activity or exercise to your life. Again, I’m not talking about suddenly taking on a hard-core exercise program – I’m looking at how to add extra steps from the car to the store, or climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator up a couple of flights, or making the effort to get outside and schedule a walk with a friend – do what works for you and check with your doctor first if you launch into any kind of ‘exercise program.’ Keep the changes small and doable, so that you feel nurtured by them, not stressed out by them! If you are already an exercise superstar – share your ideas of how we can all put more physical activity into our lives.


TCC Exercise Page, TCC "Calm In The Storm" Page - more exercise info here!

 SELF CARE CHALLENGE REWARDS: Participate in our Self-Care Challenge and Reap the Rewards! Not only will you make your life better, one week at a time, post your experience on each Challenge entry and you can receive a TCC dog-tag necklace! 5 individuals (one per week) will receive The Complete Caregiver’s dog-tag necklace for posting their positive experience using the Self-Care Challenge in their life! This reward is active from this September 17, 2012 challenge through the first five weeks of our Self-Care Challenge, ending October 28, 2012.

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