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  Poems by Lynn Morgan Rosser

Photos: D. LaMotte
(used with permission)

Poetry As Self-Care

Poems cut to the heart of a matter like no other form of writing - the use of symbols and metaphor, brevity, evoking emotion with subtle strokes or harsh blows, poetry speaks the heart.  Learn how to write your own poetry based on your experiences as a caregiver, and share it on the Write Your Heart page.  If you are an experienced or professional writer, feel free to contribute your writing tips, as well! I have shared some of my own efforts throughout the site - for a collection of my poems use the link above.  I make no claim to poetic brilliance, but offer my heart and my words in the hope that you will connect to them, to our story, and be inspired to write and contribute of your own heart and your own story.

Thank you!

Lynn Morgan Rosser

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