"I just checked out your website. It's beautiful! ... I enjoy your poetry. Very, very nice. I will share your site with some people I know who may benefit. Wow!" -       L. Capps


 “What I really liked about your site was it wasn't overwhelming. With all the information out there, some very helpful, some not, it felt like a good place for resources that are good and sound and tested by you. Sometimes just because it is new information doesn't mean it is creditable. Folks can easily read and download what they need to get started and moving in the right direction.”  -       K. Divine


"Lynn Morgan Rosser offers an inspiring and insightful resource in The Complete Caregiver journal workbook.  Parents of children who are medically fragile or have special needs can use this as a tool to process thoughts and feelings, problem-solve, and manage resources to maximize their child’s care as well as their self-care.  The Complete Caregiver Website offers the opportunity for networking and resource utilization beyond the workbook.  This is a wonderful pairing and an exciting opportunity for caregivers." - Regina Edwards, MA, CCC-SLP



“As a devoted parent to two young boys with special needs, Lynn Rosser provides a clear map and safe harbor for caregivers who may be overwhelmed and depleted by the myriad of choices and critical decisions they face on a daily basis.  Both her website and The Complete Caregiver Journal Workbook are treasure-chests of practical information, invaluable resources and self-care practices, reflecting Lynn’s deep faith, courage, compassion and wisdom.”
Suzannah Tebbe Davis
Agency Director
Homewatch Caregivers

"Your web site is beautiful!  Such a calm and nuturing atmosphere for parents who are often immersed in the harsher realities of the medical system.  A wonderful, supportive place to go when one tires of treatment rooms, medical bills, and endless therapy.  Your website provides a place to share, a place that not only acknowledges the need but encourages us to care for ourselves, a place to heal.  I have passed your site along to some other special needs families.  Thanks for sharing what you have learned the hard way - living it!." 

- S. Zmick (mother of two special needs kids) 


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