Visual Vacations

Enjoy our video selections below, from a company called HD Environments, which are the absolute best that we've found while searching for both relaxing and beautiful visuals with music.  

Parent-Caregivers, you deserve a break.  According to recent studies of the brain and our responses to pain, and our immune function as well, beautiful visuals (and music)  can actually reduce stress in your body, releasing endorphins, and thus supporting your immune system, as found in the work of Dr. Irving Biedermann: 

Biederman: "What we find is that when people are looking at scenes that they rate as being pleasurable, we see a high density of the opioid receptors; neurotransmitters that are popularly referred to as endorphins, that are associated with pain relief, and in general, a pleasurable experience; listening to music, viewing a great scene."

Dr. Biederman's study suggests that pleasing views could reduce stress, and thus support the immune system.

From : 

The Science of Healing With Dr. Esther Sternberg


Enjoy!  Choose Full Screen for Best Effect!



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